Customization & Branding

Customization & Branding

Dropshipping could make brand store or brand products.

Aplusfulfill have assisted many large dropshipping companies in brand building. Whether you have a high or low order volume, as long as you have stable orders and a branding idea, we can help you achieve it quickly. We also provide experiences and suggestion for you. Aplusfulfill will assisting you in understanding the process of brand storytelling to prevent you from making mistakes.

How We Help u with Product Branding

Basically there are 4 ways to brand your products depending your budget

Gift Cards/Thanks Cards

Gift cards are simple to be made within 5-7 business days if u have design

Logo on Package

Most packages takes 10-15 days to get produced and cost is higher than gift cards

Logo on Product

Put logo on products means u definitely need to buy these products ahead which will be a lot money needed

Logo on Both Package and Product

Easy u just need add both cost of 2 and 3

Fees to Brand you Product

Gift cards
usually cost $30-$100 to produce 500-1k pcs
Logo Stickers
There are many types of logo stickers, cost is almost same with gift cards, some a little higher, instead of buying all inventory with logo on the product, u can choose buy logo sticker first, when u have orders, u buy the generic product and put the logo on yourself
Customized Box
Same with logo stickers, u need buy this ahead before u actually have sales, usually it cost $0.5-2$ per pc with a production time of 1-2 week roughly, moq around 1k-3K pcs
Customized Shipping Bag or Envelopes
This usually need higher moq of 10k pcs, but unit price is lower compared with a box of course if your budget is high and 90% sure u can sell your inventory, we can let factory produce all stock with logo on product first, logos on product definitely looks better than put a sticker


Whether Product You Choose Worth Branding

Most sellers we work with come to us and say, hi Alisa, i want to brand this product, yes, with our help, within 1 -2 week, we get samples done with his logo and perfect package, but ended up he finally can’t sell it, one Good product sourcing agent like aplusfulfill can be helpful for your brands, but before really go ahead with branding, u really need dive into the market and do some research first, whether u try influencer marketing or facebook advertising, or tiktok ads, some preparing work must be done fist.

Product Inspiration

Your product has to be different than others, either u offer better customer service or better customer experience, at least u need one, perfectly if u got two

Brand Story

A good story can really attract people’s attention and keep them stay with u for a long time

Good Photography or Video

Good photography or video is like cosmetics to girls, people love beauty it’s human nature

Enough Audience List

The audience must be enough to build a brand, if your audience is like a few hundred or thousands people, u have to ignore it


With good traffic driving ability, u can reach all potential customers

Value to Society

Your brand must add values to customers, like the brand oodie who makes people feel more comfortable and warm with the oversized hoodie in cold weather