Turkey Dropshipping Logistics Options and Transit Time to Turkey in 2024

Turkey presents a burgeoning e-commerce opportunity, and for dropshippers, finding success in this market has been a persistent goal. However, logistical timeframes and tax concerns have proven to be challenging for many businesses. Consumers in Turkey often expect to receive their orders within 5-10 days, but shipping from China typically takes longer.

In this article, we will delve into the logistics details of dropshipping from China to Turkey. Currently, there are two main options for dropshipping logistics from China to Turkey:

1. Express Logistics (Commercial Shipping):
    1.1 Logistics Duration: 5-10 business days
    1.2 Turkish customs require mandatory submission of the recipient’s ID, a compulsory requirement.
    1.3 A tax of 35% of the declared value is charged to the sender.

2. Standard Logistics (Postal Service):
    2.1 Variable shipping duration, ranging from 7-15 business days, sometimes extending to 10-30 business days, with longer delivery times during peak seasons.
    2.2 No requirement for recipient ID submission.
    2.3 No tax charges are applicable.

If your store can collect the recipient’s ID, and you maintain a high-profit margin, opting for express logistics is advisable. This ensures customer satisfaction, reduces disputes, and enhances repeat purchases.

If your store cannot collect the recipient’s ID or if your profit margin is low, it is recommended to choose standard logistics. However, it’s crucial to explicitly inform your store’s customers about the expected delivery time range to prevent potential disputes and refund losses.

This blog post aims to provide valuable insights for dropshippers navigating the logistics landscape from China to Turkey in 2024, catering to both customer satisfaction and business profitability.