Norway VOEC Dropshipping Solution

From 1 January 2024, the VOEC number must be stated digitally

As a supplier, you must provide the VOEC number digitally to the one responsible for transporting the goods for you. The temporary customs declaration exemption for consignments valued below NOK 350 will be abolished.
Details rule link :

What do dropshipper need to do to prevent goods from being delayed or fastened?

1. You need to confirm with China agent whether he has norway voec, and provide voec during logistics transportation for customs inspection.

2. You can also register VoEC yourself and then give it to the China agent, and provide VoEC during logistics and transportation for customs inspection.

What’s Aplusfulfill solution

1. We have registered voec and it will be automatically added to the Norwegian order logistics information for customs inspection.
2. You don’t need to register for VOEC, leave everything to Aplusfulfill
3. The goods will not be delayed due to voec.

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