Dropshipping How to Test New Products Without Waiting for Agent Quotes

Many dropshippers testing lots news products daily or weekly. Waiting for agent quotes before each test can be time-consuming and unproductive. The key is to focus on testing numerous new products to identify potential winners within your niche, which is the most crucial aspect.

Here are some tips on finding your testing costs without relying on agent quotes:

1.Begin by selecting a Chinese supplier’s website with transparent costs, such as AliExpress.
2.Log in to your AliExpress buyer account.
3.Search for the product you intend to sell using keywords or image search tools. Be cautious not to choose the lowest-priced options without order links; instead, opt for products with significant orders and positive reviews.
4.Specify the country for testing.
5. Choose “Shipping” and exclusively opt for AliExpress Standard Shipping.

If your AliExpress buyer account is new and displays a “Welcome Deal” label when selling at cost, you can remove this label by placing a single order on AliExpress. After completing one order, the “Welcome Deal” label will disappear, allowing you to view the authentic costs associated with AliExpress products.

After testing and obtaining orders, you can request a quote for your orders in the Aplusfulfill system, and we will add the price within one working day.
If you plan for a large scale or have specific customization requirements, you can discuss it with the Aplusfulfill services team for the lowest price.